Enjoy exclusive recipes by Dean Edwards as seen at NE Appliances Launch Event

Enjoy exclusive recipes by Dean Edwards as seen at NE Appliances Launch Event

On a bright sunny day in September we welcomed customers to our NE Appliances store for our long awaited launch event. The highlight of the day was christening our demo kitchens with live cooking demos from Neff’s Alison Haigh, Michelin starred chef Josh Eggleton and Masterchef’s Dean Edwards. If you missed the day and the chance to try these delicious dishes don’t worry, you can now make Dean’s delicious creations at home with these fantastic easy recipes. Indulge in unctuous Crispy Fried Mushroom Gnocchi smothered in cheese and finished with crispy bacon. Or keep it light with Mediterranean Salmon Couscous Parcels, quick, easy and delicious for a midweek dinner.

NE Appliances Demo Crispy Gnocchi with Wild Mushroom Sauce (serves 4)

2 x 400g shop bought packs potato gnocchi

300g Mushrooms (of your choice) I like wild, chestnut, Portobello

1 onion very finely diced

2 cloves garlic crushed

40ml brandy (optional)

150ml chicken stock

100ml double cream

70g Parmesan cheese


Small bunch fresh chives

Parmesan cheese for serving

4 rashers crispy pancetta for serving



1: Fry off the mushrooms over a high heat until golden, this will take around 6-7 minutes, add in the onion and garlic then cook over a medium heat for around 5 minutes until softened. Pour in the brandy and reduce then add the stock and simmer for another 5 minutes until reduced slightly. Take off of the heat then Stir through the cream and Parmesan cheese then season with salt and pepper.

2: In a large frying pan cook the pancetta until crispy then remove and set aside, add a knob of butter or oil into the pan then cook the gnocchi for 2-3 minutes each side until golden and crispy.

3: Toss the gnocchi through the sauce then portion between four, top with some fresh chives, extra parmesan and some crispy pancetta.


NE Appliances Demo Mediterranean Salmon Couscous Parcels (serves 4)

4 small skinless salmon fillets

160g couscous

320ml chicken stock

Juice ½ lemon

40ml extra virgin olive oil

80g cherry tomatoes halved



30ml olive oil

Juice ½ lemon

1 tsp honey

50g cherry tomatoes chopped

½ clove garlic crushed

1 heaped tbsp. capers

2 tbsp. fresh basil chopped

50g olives chopped



1: Place the couscous in a bowl and pour over the boiling stock, cover with clingfilm and leave to stand for 5 minutes, fork through to separate the grains then stir through chopped parsley, lemon juice, olive oil and tomatoes, Season with salt and pepper then set to one side.

2: Lay a sheet of foil or parchment measuring approx. 50cm long onto your work surface then over to one side top with a quarter portion of couscous, place on the salmon fillet, drizzle with some oil then fold over, crimp the edges over pressing tightly to form a seal, just before you finish the crimp pour in a small splash of water then twist to seal. Place into a pre heated oven set to 180c / gas mark 4 for 10-12 minutes.

3: Meanwhile whisk together the dressing in a bowl then bring the parcels to the table, tear open then spoon the dressing over the salmon.