Samsung Home Appliances

Think Bosch and engineering excellence comes to mind. It’s been that way for over 130 years and Bosch home appliances continue to be renowned for their quality, reliability and performance. We are so confident we have a line-up of appliances you can rely on, we are offering a free, extended 5 year warranty on selected built-in and freestanding Bosch domestic appliances along with the promise that our team of qualified engineers are on hand should you need them.

So, when you want pure, clean lines and beautiful, functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen, think Bosch.

Samsung Fridge Freezers


Samsung fridge freezers are packed with innovations to keep your food fresh and even help organise family life. Whether you are looking for an American style fridge freezer, French style fridge freezer of a classic upright fridge freezer Samsung models are packed with features to give the best performance plus options like water dispensers for added convenience.

Total No Frost

Samsung’s Total No Frost technology prevents ice build-up in your freezer so you never have to defrost your freezer and your frozen goods are kept at optimum temperature at all times.

Twin Cooling

Twin Cooling creates separate air flows in the freezer and fridge so each section is kept at the perfect temperature and no smells are transferred from one space to the other.

Family Hub

If you need a helping hand keeping family life organised then the Samsung Family Hub may be your perfect partner. A fridge freezer with a WiFi enabled touch screen which lets you sync your calendar, notes, photos and more in one handy spot. There are also three cameras inside the fridge allowing you to take a look inside your fridge from your phone, so if you’re at the shops and can’t remember if you need to buy milk, you can check!

Samsung Laundry


Samsung washing machines, tumble dryers and washer dryers have a range of handy features to make laundry quicker, easier and less energy intensive. Whether you need a large-capacity washing machine to serve the whole family or a compact washer dryer to make the most of a small space, Samsung laundry products have the quality and technology to make your household chores easy.

Add Wash

Never forget that sock or t-shirt again with Samsung’s smart Add Wash feature. The Add Wash door allows you to add items to your load after the cycle has begun or even throw in some fabric softener mid-cycle.

Quick Drive

Cut your laundry time in half with Samsung’s Quick Drive technology, the drum and backplate spin in opposite directions to give your clothes a thorough clean super quickly. So you can get that favourite top ready to wear again in no time!


Samsung’s Ecobubble technology helps you save money on your bills by reducing the energy and water needed to complete a load. It automatically mixes the right amount of water and detergent creating a bubble layer which will soak into fabrics quickly and lift out dirt effectively, so you can get excellent cleaning power in less time and with less energy and water.

Samsung Dishwashers


Samsung dishwashers offer the same high-level cleaning that you would expect with any Samsung product. Wash in an hour with the quick wash programme, cut a standard load time with the Time Saver function and with condensation drying using heat built up in the machine to dry your dishes you can rest assured that your dishwasher is cleaning without racking up your bills.

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