Cooker Hood Buying Guide

Hood Types

Built In


Built-in or integrated cooker hoods are a popular choice for smaller kitchens as they can be tucked away when you are not using them. They don’t have the power of larger options so are best for smaller hob sizes.




A visor hood is one of the more economic options for a cooker hood, ideal for a small space fitting in against the wall in amongst your cabinetry.  




Canopy hoods sit flush in the underside of your cabinetry for a clean finish, good for smaller kitchens where space is at a premium or in a sleek design where you don’t want to see the hood. 


Ceiling Hood


Ceiling hoods as the name suggests sit flush to the ceiling giving a clean and minimalist look to your space, great for an open plan kitchen. It’s worth remembering that cooker hoods need to be 65 – 75 cm above your hob so this may not be ideal if you have tall ceilings.




Chimney hoods are the traditional choice for a kitchen, they vary in size and design so can work in any kind of space. Sleek vertical designs work well in modern kitchens while the more classic shapes suit a shaker kitchen. As a rule of thumb a chimney hood should be at least the same size as the hob. 




Downdraft hoods offer a bit of futuristic technology to your kitchen. These clever hoods are housed under your worktop then slide up at the touch of a button. Hidden away when not in use they are great for a minimalist kitchen.




Island hoods are great if you want a hob on your kitchen island. These hoods come in a wide range of stylish designs, from classic chimney style hoods to decorative lamp style hoods great for creating an impact.


Venting Hob


If you are looking for a truly sleek finish then a venting hob may be perfect for your space. These are induction or ceramic hobs with the extractor fan built into the centre of the hob so you don’t need an external hood at all. It’s worth remembering with a venting hob that because the extractor fan is built into the worktop this kind of hob cannot be installed above an oven. 


Key Features

Extraction Speed

Extraction speed means the speed with which the hood can extract air. Most hoods will have a selection of speeds, usually at least three, the lowest for removing steam from a boiling pan, the highest strong enough to get rid of smoke from stir frying. 


Power Boost

In addition to standard speeds some hoods also come with a power boost option for those particularly smoke, steam or smell heavy dishes like frying a steak.


Quiet Settings

The quiet setting is a good function to look out for if you are shopping for an open plan kitchen where you might not want a loud cooker hood to interrupt conversation or your favourite podcast.


LED Lighting

This is a feature you will find in most hobs but it’s worth checking that the hood you are looking at has LED lights as they use much less energy than halogen bulbs and last up to 10 times longer. 


Hob to hood connection

Some hoods and hobs can work together with clever wi-fi technology so that the hood automatically adjusts to match the hob settings so that you can concentrate on cooking while your hood takes care of keeping your kitchen smoke and steam free.


Auto Timer

Some hoods come with a handy auto timer function so if you need to air out your kitchen for a little while after cooking the hood will automatically turn off after a set amount of time.  


Smart Features

As with many appliances some cooker hoods come with a selection of smart controls which let you work your hood from your phone. So if you need to turn off the hood on movie night you can do it from the sofa.