Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

Freestanding or Integrated?


Freestanding fridge freezers are great if you want to be able to put your fridge-freezer anywhere, and take it with you when you move house. They also often come in a range of colours and finishes to either blend in or stand out depending on your tastes. 



Integrated fridge freezers are perfect for the style conscious among you as they blend in behind your cabinetry for a slick modern look.

What size?

Fridges range in size from 50cm for the slimmest models to 80cm for larger and retro models. You can also go even bigger with American Style but here we will concentrate on the standard type. The height of your fridge is worth considering too with models ranging from 130cm up to 2m.

What type of split?

The split type tells you how much space is dedicated to the fridge and how much to the freezer. The first number refers to the percentage of the space taken up by the fridge and the second number refers to the freezer. If you are replacing an existing integrated fridge freezer ensure you get the same split so the cabinet doors will fit.

50/50 gives an even split between fridge and freezer space.


60/40 offers a little more fridge than freezer space.


70/30 has a much larger fridge than freezer. 


Note: Some modern fridges come with a clever interchangeable drawer which can be switched between being fridge of freezer space depending on your needs.

Key Features

Frost Free 

Frost free technology uses a fan to circulate air to stop frost accumulating in your fridge freezer. So you don’t have to fight through frost to get to your ice cube trays.


Water Dispensers

Many fridge freezers come with a water dispenser to provide chilled water on demand. Some connect to the mains water while others have tanks which will need filling. Perfect for if you like your water properly chilled. 


Fast Freeze

Fast freeze is perfect for when you’ve just done the food shop and need to quickly re-freeze items, it lowers the temperature in the freezer to quickly re-freeze anything which has started to thaw.


Anti-bacterial Lining

A special anti-bacterial lining inside the fridge prevents the growth of mold and the buildup of smells to keep your fridge fresh and hygienic. 


Auto Defrost

The auto defrost feature stops any ice building up in your fridge. A hole near the bottom of the fridge collects any condensation, so that ice can’t to form around your food.


Freezer Guard Protection

Freezer guard protection is an essential if you intend to have your fridge freezer in a conservatory or shed. Freezers will often stop working in an area which is below 10c, freezer guard protection makes sure your appliance stays at the correct temperature the whole time.


Holiday Mode

Holiday mode is useful for when you are going to be away from home for an extended time. The setting keeps energy usage low while the fridge is empty while keeping away any smells by adjusting the temperature accordingly. 


Smart Technology

Many modern fridge freezers are now fitted with smart technology so that you can connect your appliance to your wifi and control it through your smartphone. 


What is the difference between door on door and sliding door hinges on an integrated fridge freezer? 

Door on door means that the cabinet door is attached to the appliance door so that a single set of strong hinges hold up both the appliance door and the cabinet door. When opened both doors move as one door. Sliding Fitting means that the door of the cabinet is hinged separately from the door of the appliance. When the door is opened the appliance door slides along the inside of the cabinet door so the doors move smoothly together.


How much space do I need to leave around my fridge freezer?

Manufacturers tend to recommend leaving 2-5 cm of space around your fridge freezer to ensure it works efficiently.


What is a twin thermostat fridge freezer?

Twin thermostat means the fridge and freezer use separate thermostats rather than just one to control both. This gives more control over each compartment and also allows you to turn off one section while leaving the other one on.


Can I keep my fridge-freezer in a garage or conservatory?

A fridge-freezer can only be kept in a garage or conservator if the space is heated to stay above 10c or if the fridge-freezer is fitted with freezer guard tech, this is because at temperatures lower than 10c freezers can stop working.