Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

What type of tumble dryer?



Ideal for if you can’t install a vent, condenser tumble dryers remove the moisture from your clothes and put it into a removable tank which then has to be emptied after the end of each cycle. 



Vented tumble dryers take the moisture from your clothes and take it outside via a vent. They come with a hose which needs to be vented outside, this may require professional installation if you need to go through a wall. Vented models tend to be cheaper but are often the least energy efficient. 


Heat Pump


Heat pump tumble dryers are often the most energy efficient as they recycle the hot air created inside the drum to dry your clothes, however they do take a little longer to dry your clothes so this is worth bearing in mind.


What drum size?

Drum sizes vary from a compact 6kg to a generous 10kg +. A 6 kg drum will hold around 5 pairs of trousers and T-shirts, while a 10kg will hold double that. The width and height of washing machines are standard but the depth of the machine will vary based on the drum size.

Key Features

Filter Full Indicator 

An essential feature for keeping your machine in top condition. The filter full indicator will tell you when your tumble dryers fluff filter is full so you can clean it out which helps to keep your machine running at it’s best. 


Energy Rating 

The energy rating of your tumble dryer will tell you how energy efficient it is. Every machine will carry a rating between A-G, a machine with an energy rating of C or above will be one of the most energy efficient on the market, helping to save money on your bills.  


Sensor Drying 

These machines use sensors to work out how much moisture is in your clothes and only run the machine until your clothes are dry meaning you don’t waste time or money on a longer cycle. 


Anti-crease function 

The anti-crease function on a tumble dryer will slow the speed of the drum at the end of the cycle to reduce creases and increase the life of your clothes. 


Delay Timer 

The handy delay-timer function on your tumble dryer can be used to set the time you want your dryer load to start, whether you want to take advantage of late night energy prices or just have your dryer turn on first thing in the morning rather than running while you sleep, this can be a useful function.  


Large Door 

Large door tumble dryers give you a little more room to load and unload your laundry, making the whole process a little quicker and easier. 


Reverse Action 

The reverse action feature on a tumble dryer helps to remove creases and loosen clothes by changing the direction of the spin at the end of a load.  


Quick Dry 

Need your favourite top or pair of jeans in a hurry? A quick dry cycle will dry a small load of clothes in as little as 15 minutes.