Hisense Home Appliances

For over 50 years, Hisense have grown a reputation for making life easier with their range of fridges, freezers and dishwashers. Founded in 1969, they’re known for their technology-filled fridge freezers and their quick-washing dishwashers. Their household appliances blend in comfort with style, allowing you to have more time for relaxing and entertaining.

Protection for Two Years

You can rest easy with any Hisense purchase, as there’s a two-year manufacturer's warranty with each product.


Refrigeration Technology Meets Style


Whether it’s a classic fridge freezer, a fridge with an ice box or an under counter freezer, every Hisense product is packed with technology to keep your food fresher for longer.


And what it has in features, it also matches with style. Sleek and modern, their metallic and black designs look ideal in any contemporary kitchen. Their PureFlat range with flat door design allows it to slot in seamlessly into any space.

Live the American Dream, Fridge Freezer Style


For family living, an American-style fridge freezer is always a good choice. With its larger size, French doors and multiple freezer compartments, there’s plenty of space for the weekly food shop alongside your long-lasting frozen items.


Rehydrate yourself with a cool and refreshing drink without having to worry about pipes and plumbing with their non-plumbed water dispensers. Simply fill up the tank inside and enjoy the chilled water that dispenses from the front. And even with the plumbed option, it feeds water directly from the source and also features an ice dispenser to cool any drink.


You can prevent any ice build-up with Total No Frost, which means you’ll never have to manually defrost anything ever again. The air circulates around your fridge and freezer to avoid food icing up, keeping it fresh.


Adjust separate compartments to different temperatures with My Fresh Choice, allowing you to set temperatures between -20°C and 5°C to suit the refrigeration or freezing needs you require.

The Classic One-Up One-Down


For smaller kitchens and smaller families, sometimes the classic fridge freezer is the best. You can decide between a 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30 split, and with models that include a non-plumbed water dispenser.


Total No Frost or frost free technology will be included, allowing you to keep your items fresh even in a more compact model than the American style. The smaller dimensions and adjustable feet allow this traditional style to fit into any classically-designed or modern kitchen, and the integrated options allow you to hide the fridge freezer away.

Keep it Small and Compact


If size is at a premium, under counter fridges and freezers are a cool option to keep everything fresh. Despite being smaller they don’t compromise on features, including auto defrosting technology that prevents ice buildup in the fridges.


Reversible hinges are also available if you need to flip the door to suit your compact kitchen space. Set and control the temperature of your freezer with the adjustable thermostat and electrical control, keeping your frozen foods at the perfect temperature ready for use.


You can also keep everything frozen using minimal space with an integrated ice box fridge. The ice box compartment allows you to store a small amount of frozen goods in your fridge, perfect for those long-lasting food staples.


The addition of a wine rack allows you to keep multiple bottles in the chiller, and the DynamiCooling technology ensures that the food inside stays fresh by maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the fridge.

The Big Freeze


If you need to freeze a large amount of food items, then an upright freezer is ideal. It’s perfect if you like buying in bulk or have a big family that needs feeding with easy-to-cook frozen meal options.


The frost free technology avoids any big buildups of ice, and the LED displays and electrical temperature controls allow you to set and adjust the temperature of the appliance to your precise needs.

Gleaming Dishes in Record Time

Speed up your dishwashing with the 15-minute quick wash feature. You can set your dishwasher off before cooking, and have your plates clean and ready for dishing up. Ideal for if time is limited and you need to multitask.


You can also let your dishes dry in record time with Auto Dry, which opens the door after the cycle ends to let out the steam and allow your dishes to naturally air dry.Whether you’ve got a large family or you’re hosting a dinner party, there are plenty of place settings in the machine to allow you to get through even the largest loads.


Hisense dishwashers are also quiet too, which is ideal for open-plan living. They won’t disturb an evening snooze on the sofa or any deep late-night conversations with friends.

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