Induction Cookers

What is an Induction Cooker?


An induction cooker is a type of cooker that features an electric oven and an induction hob. An induction hob is a type of electric hob that heats the pan and not the hob, using magnetism to do so. To successfully use an induction hob you will require magnetic pans, otherwise they won’t heat up. However, induction hobs offer the highest level of control over heat of any electric hob.


When it comes to electric cookers, an induction cooker is regarded as the best around, allowing you to heat your meals up as quickly as a gas burner hob would. Induction hobs are also the safest hobs around, as the magnetism of your pan allows that to be heated instead of the hob. It means the hob does not retain as much heat as a standard hob reducing the risk of burns in the kitchen.


There are a number of great cooker brands to be found at NE Appliances, including Hotpoint and Smeg.


You can also take a look at our whole range of electric cookers if you want to discover cookers with ceramic and solid plate hobs as well as induction. If you prefer cooking with a gas hob then you can choose from our range of gas cookers and dual fuel cookers. For larger induction hob cookers, you can find a range in our electric range cookers category.


Benefits of an Induction Cooker


  • ✔ It features an electric oven, ideal for consistent and even cooking.
  • ✔ An induction hob is the most efficient and controllable type of electric hob you can get.
  • ✔ It includes both an oven and a hob in one single appliance.
  • ✔ Induction hobs are flat, meaning they’re much easier to clean than gas hobs.
  • ✔ By heating the pan and not the hob, it makes it the safest hob to use.


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