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If you are looking for a new washing machine to update your kitchen, or your old one is on its last legs NE appliances can assist with selecting the right washing machine for you. Whether you're looking for an integrated or freestanding washing machine, there are plenty of functions and features to help you make light work of your laundry. Filter your search by energy rating, brand, load capacity and spin speed to ensure you pick the perfect washing machine for you.


All our washing machines come with an energy label so you can see where your new washing machine sits in terms of energy use. If you are looking for energy efficiency then focus your search on washing machines with an A energy rating.


All washing machines vary by wash load size, so there is one to suit all household sizes, a family of four would suit anything from an 8kg washing machine, whereas if you have a smaller household than a 7kg washing machine would be suitable.


Spin speed refers to how many times your washing machine's drum spins round in a minute. So a setting of 1400rpm means the drum will spin 1400 times every minute. The washing machine will also have a default spin speed for the type of clothes you are washing. Washing machines with spin speeds in excess of 1600rpm will enable you to get your clothes ready quickly.


The number and variety of wash programmes featured on your washing machine can help you enjoy the best washing results. A washing machine with a quick wash function uses less water, and is energy efficient as the wash time is reduced.


If you are short on space then a washer dryer could be the perfect options as it combines a washing machine and tumble dryer. The difference between a washer dryer and a washing machine is that a separate washing machine is usually more energy efficient and can mean you get a larger capacity to help you wash more at once


At NE appliances we stock all of the leading washing machine brands like Bosch, Hotpoint, Hoover, and Amica plus many more. We also stock a wide selection of home appliances such as washer dryers, tumble dryers and dishwashers to complete your kitchen.