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Cook quickly and easily with a microwave oven

microwaves are the ultimate appliance when it comes to quick and convenient cooking. Theyre an essential part of any small or large kitchen, and they come in a selection of different sizes and styles.


Microwaves have also evolved from being the box in the corner of the kitchen you use to heat up ready meals to being a quality cooking appliance in their own right. Many modes and settings are available on high-tech microwaves, and many are indistinguishable in design from conventional electric ovens. There are many functions modern microwaves can perform, including combination microwaves where you can grill or bake as well as microwaving.


There are a number of high-quality brands you can find on ne appliances when looking for a new microwave, including bosch, caple, tower and neff.


A variety of microwaves to choose from at ne appliances

no matter which type of microwave youre looking for, youll find it at ne appliances. If youre looking for a traditional countertop microwave, then youll find a selection of standard microwaves available. However, if youre looking for something thats built into your kitchen units, there are many built-in microwaves to choose from.


If you enjoy speedy cooking, and are also a frequent griller, then the microwave with grill combination can come in very useful.


The combination microwave oven is the ultimate appliance for if you equally enjoy quick and long cooking. Part-microwave part-oven, its able to cook full meals as well as heating up yesterdays leftovers.


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You can also benefit from free delivery, giving you even great value, as well as a comprehensive delivery service. Our team can install your new appliance (location restrictions apply) and disconnect the old one. Were also able to take your old appliance away and recycle it too.