Chimney Cooker Hoods

Find a Variety of Chimney Cooker Hoods at NE Appliances


Chimney cooker hoods are probably the most popular type of cooker hood available, and for good reason. They’re very cost-effective and are a great focal point in your kitchen, as well as easily removing steam, grease and food smells from the room. A cooker hood is essential for any kitchen if you’re a regular user of your hob.


The chimney design takes inspiration from traditional kitchens that used to feature furnaces and chimney breasts. You can find chimney cooker hoods in a number of different styles, including straight-edged, curved glass and angled designs. A number of different colours and finishes are available, such as black and stainless steel.


There are a range of fan speeds available on some models, allowing you to adapt your cooker hood’s power to the amount of rings you’re using on the hob. A number of hoods have also been designed to be quieter than traditional cooker hoods.


There are a wide variety of big name brands to choose from at NE Appliances, including Bosch, Neff, AEG, Bertazzoni and Rangemaster. And whilst chimney cooker hoods are the most popular, there are a number of other cooker hood types available, including visor cooker hoods, integrated cooker hoods, built-in canopy cooker hoods and ceiling cooker hoods.


The Benefits of a Chimney Cooker Hood


  • ✔ Chimney cooker hoods can remove steam, smoke, grease and food smells from the air.
  • ✔ Both extractor and recirculating options are available.
  • ✔ They can protect your kitchen in the long term from steam and lingering food odours.
  • ✔ There are a range of different styles and finishes available to suit your kitchen.
  • ✔ Ceiling cooker hoods offer an additional lighting source in your kitchen.


Great Value Chimney Cooker Hoods at NE Appliances


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