Electric Cookers

A Variety of Electric Cookers Available at NE Appliances


You can find a great range of electric cookers available at NE Appliances in Bristol. Electric cookers feature either one or two electric oven cavities, whilst also featuring an electric hob too. A cooker is the ultimate cooking appliance as it features both an oven and a hob, and is much easier to install in a kitchen than a separate inbuilt oven and a hob would be.


You can choose between models that feature one or two oven cavities, with two allowing you to cook foods at different temperatures and using different cooker settings. The hob on top is either a ceramic, induction or solid plate hob. For the most modern look you’ll probably prefer the black glass effect of a ceramic or induction hob, where the ceramic hob heats up the plate, whilst the induction hob uses magnetism to heat up the pans themselves making for more controllable and efficient heating.


There are a variety of styles to choose from too, including sleek and stylish modern designs as well as classic designs ideal for a country kitchen. A number of brands are available at NE Appliances, including Amica, Hotpoint, Stoves and Rangemaster


You can also find a range of cookers here, including gas cookers, dual fuel cookers and induction cookers. If you’re looking for a large electric cooker, then an electric range cooker would be perfect.


Benefits of an Electric Cooker


  • ✔ Easy to manage the temperature of the oven.
  • ✔ Offers consistent and even levels of cooking.
  • ✔ Cheaper to run than gas cookers.
  • ✔ Quick and easy to install as only a plug socket is required.
  • ✔ An electric cooker is an all-in-one cooking appliance featuring an oven and hob.
  • ✔ Electric hobs are much easier to clean than gas hobs.


Find Great Value Electric Cookers at NE Appliances


As well as finding a wide selection of electric cookers at NE Appliances, they also come with great value prices too. The reason why we have our Price Match Promise is because we’re confident we won’t be beaten in price by any other retailer. However, if you do spot one of our appliances being sold for a lower price elsewhere, get in touch and we should be able to match their price. Largest display of cookers and home appliances in Bristol and the South West of England. 


We offer fast delivery options. as well as a comprehensive installation service. We’re able to offer installation of your new electric cooker in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area. We can also disconnect your old appliance as well as removing it and recycling it saving you time and hassle.