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Dishwashers are the ultimate time saver when it comes to cleaning your dishes. The amount of time saved means you can spend more of your time doing what you enjoy. At NE Appliances, there are a number of different dishwashers available from big brands such as AEG, Bosch and Hotpoint that feature a number of useful features to give you an easy and comprehensive clean.


In larger models there is typically space for between 13-15 place settings, perfect for a large family. Even the smaller slimline models are big enough to suit medium-sized households. Eco cycles and half-load modes can help you save on electricity and water usage, whilst quick 30-minute cycles allow you to wash the dishes in record time. Some models even offer air drying, which allows the machine’s door to open to allow your dishes and cutlery to be dried by the air.


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Integrated dishwashers are a popular choice, where you can hide your dishwasher behind a kitchen cupboard door. This is ideal for if you want to keep a sleek finish in your kitchen.


However, if you want to slot your dishwasher into a convenient gap and like having the settings on the front of the machine rather than the top, then a freestanding dishwasher would be the option to choose.


Semi-integrated dishwashers are ideal for if you’re looking to disguise the majority of your dishwasher, but still want the display at the front of the appliance.


Standard dishwashers typically measure 60cm wide, but if space is at a premium, then you can opt for a slimline dishwasher instead. Measuring at 45cm, they’re great for compact kitchens and still allow a good number of place settings. They’re available as freestanding and integrated models.


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When you order a high-quality dishwasher you can also benefit from our delivery and installation service (location restrictions apply), where we can deliver on a day of your choice, and to a room of your choice for no extra cost. We can also disconnect your old appliance, and even take it away to be recycled.


To match the great service we offer great value too. If you find one of our appliances available for cheaper elsewhere, we can match that price through our Price Match Promise. We also offer free delivery options, meaning you can get even better value when you order with NE Appliances.