Ceiling Cooker Hoods

What is a Ceiling Cooker Hood?


A ceiling cooker hood is a type of extractor fan that can remove food smells and grease from their air in your kitchen whilst cooking. The big difference between a ceiling cooker hood and a regular hood is that a ceiling cooker hood is recessed into the ceiling. It means it takes up little space in your kitchen and can be placed in a number of different places around the room, including above kitchen islands.


Whilst a ceiling cooker hood might be trickier to install than a regular kitchen hood, they’re a stylish high-tech addition to any kitchen. If you’re building a completely new kitchen, a ceiling cooker hood could be something to easily add to your kitchen design. And some recirculating ceiling hoods don’t require a cut out, meaning they can easily be installed on the kitchen ceiling.


There are a range of big name ceiling cooker hood brands available at NE Appliances, including Faber, Caple, Elica, Miro and Bosch. And if you’re after a different type of cooker hood for your kitchen, you might be interested in a built-in canopy cooker hood, a chimney cooker hood, an island cooker hood or a downdraft cooker hood.


The Benefits of a Ceiling Cooker Hood


  • ✔ Ceiling cooker hoods take up minimal space in the kitchen, especially compared to other extractor hoods, so are perfect for compact spaces.
  • ✔ They can blend in almost unnoticed into your current or brand new kitchen, available in either white or stainless steel.
  • ✔ They can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, meaning they’re perfect for both hobs on kitchen islands and hobs on the perimeter of your kitchen.
  • ✔ Ceiling cooker hoods are smaller and lighter than regular hoods, meaning they’re easier to carry.


Great Value Ceiling Cooker Hoods at NE Appliances


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And the great value doesn’t stop there, as we offer free delivery on orders. There are a number of payment options available including Klarna, allowing you to buy now and pay later in 30 days, or to break up your payments into three equal instalments.