Downdraft Cooker Hoods

What is a Downdraft Cooker Hood?


A downdraft cooker hood is a type of cooker hood that is built into your kitchen worktop instead of being attached to the wall or ceiling. A downdraft cooker hood still works in the same way as any other cooker hood by drawing in steam, smoke, grease and food smells and passing them through a filter, but they’re inset into your countertop.


Usually your downdraft cooker hood will sit behind your hob, and will only rise up when in use, allowing your worktop to regularly maintain a sleek, uncluttered finish. So if you have space inside your kitchen cupboards but are restricted for space in the rest of your kitchen, then a downdraft cooker hood is a good choice when it comes to removing food odours, smoke and grease from the air.


There are a number of brands you can find at NE Appliances including Caple, Faber, Montpellier and Neff.


If you’re looking for a traditional cooker hood, then you might be interested in a chimney cooker hood or a visor cooker hood. However, if you’re looking for more worktop-level extractors for saving space, then browse through our selection of venting hobs.


The Benefits of a Downdraft Cooker Hood


  • ✔ They will sit flush on top of your kitchen workspace, rising up only when required.
  • ✔ They’re ideal for when ceiling height is limited.
  • ✔ They look great in a modern kitchen.
  • ✔ Available for use as an extraction or recirculation cooker hood.
  • ✔ Can be placed in a kitchen island as well as a perimeter kitchen unit.


Great Value Downdraft Cooker Hoods at NE Appliances


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