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Tackle Both Washing and Drying With Ease


Unless you enjoy taking trips down to the launderette for laundry day, a washing machine is an essential purchase for any household. Whether you need to wash small piles of laundry or family-sized ones, there are a range of sizes available to suit your requirements.


There are plenty of features built into the latest washing machines too, including multiple wash programmes, quieter spin cycles, smart connectivity and water-saving technology.


If you need your clothes dried quickly, don’t have space for hanging laundry, or the British weather isn’t ideal for line-drying then a tumble dryer is the perfect solution to getting your laundry dry.


At NE Appliances we stock all the biggest brands including Bosch, Hotpoint, Hoover and LG; meaning you can find your perfect washing machine or tumble dryer right here.


Discover High-Quality Washers and Dryers at NE Appliances


There are many different types of washing machine you can choose from when shopping at NE Appliances, including freestanding washing machines and integrated washing machines. There are different sizes available, so you can tackle any load size no matter the size of your household. Most machines range from 7-9kg, whilst some can even handle 10kg+.


If you have space in your kitchen or utility room, a tumble dryer is a must-have for drying your clothes quickly. If air-drying isn’t an option or you have a lot of clothes to get through, then we have a selection of different tumble dryers to choose from for every laundry set up, including condenser, vented and energy-efficient heat pump tumble dryers.


If space is at a premium and you want a machine that can both wash your clothes and dry them, then a washer dryer is perfect for you. They’re still packed with high tech washing machine technology and also feature a number of drying settings. It’s the ultimate time and space saver.


Enjoy Great Value Laundry Appliances and Great Service


When you shop with NE Appliances, you’re not only getting great value, but you’ll receive a high-quality of service too. We’re confident that other retailers can’t beat us on price, which is why we have our Price Match Promise scheme. So if you do spot an appliance that we stock available elsewhere for better value, get in touch and we should be able to match their price.


You can also receive free delivery on your order, as well as a number of other delivery benefits. Not only can we deliver your new appliance, but we’re able to install it (location restrictions apply) whilst disconnecting your old one, taking it away and recycling it.