Steam Ovens

What is a Steam Oven?


A steam oven is a type of electric oven that cooks food using steam instead of hot air. The oven itself will have an in-built boiler which heats up the water you add to the oven, and it disperses the steam into the oven cavity. There are multiple benefits to cooking your food through steam, including food having a rich flavour and retaining key nutrients. A steam oven can also be used to reheat food too, as it reintroduces moisture to dried-up foods.


You can use a steam oven as your main cooking appliance, or you can include it as part of a range of ovens you have, either alongside an electric single oven, an electric double oven or a built-in microwave. You can also take a look through our range of compact ovens and warming drawers.


There are a number of brands you can find on NE Appliances when it comes to steam ovens, including Miele, Siemens, and Fisher & Paykel.


Benefits of a Steam Oven


  • ✔ Quicker cooking than a conventional oven.
  • ✔ Food cooked in steam ovens retain key nutrients.
  • ✔ Useful for reheating food by heating and adding moisture.
  • ✔ Steam cooking can enhance the texture of your food.
  • ✔ Can come in a compact size to easily fit into smaller kitchens or as small appliances for larger kitchens.
  • ✔ Sleek style easily slots into a modern kitchen.
  • ✔ Easy to operate.


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