Gas Cookers

Discover a Wide Range of Gas Cookers at NE Appliances


Gas cookers are the classic all-in-one cooking appliance combining a single or double gas oven cavity with a gas hob, which uses the naked flame to give you a great cooking finish on the top of your hob.


There are a few features you can find on a gas cooker, including the option of one or two oven cavities, as well as four-burner hob, some coming with a wok burner. Catalytic liners can also be found in some models to help with oven cleaning.


You can find a number of different styles of gas cooker, including sleek and stylish modern designs that come with shiny black and silver finishes. Or if you’re after a gas cooker for your farmhouse kitchens, there are a number of traditional but colourful styles you can pick.


You can also discover a number of brands at NE Appliances, including Indesit, Amica, Hotpoint, and Rangemaster.


As well as gas cookers, there are a number of other cooker types available from NE Appliances. These include the electric cooker, the induction cooker and the dual fuel cooker, which combines a gas hob with an electric oven. Or, if you’re simply after a larger version of a gas cooker, take a look at our selection of gas range cookers.


The Benefits of a Gas Cooker


  • ✔ Gas cookers feature a gas hob for controllable heating
  • ✔ Easily slots into an existing gas kitchen setup.
  • ✔ Cast iron pan supports are included which can be taken off and cleaned.
  • ✔ Wok burners are included with some models.
  • ✔ You don’t require any special pans like you do with induction hobs.
  • ✔ Immediate heat adjustment.


Get Great Value Gas Cookers at NE Appliances


When you shop with NE Appliances in Bristol you’re sure to get great value and the best prices. If you do spot an identical appliance to the one we stock available elsewhere for better value, then let us know through our Price Match Promise and we should be able to match their price.


And with great value comes our great service too. We can offer fast delivery to a number of locations in Bristol, Bath and the local area. As well as delivery, installation of gas cookers is also possible in selection locations. Disconnection, removal and recycling services are also available, ensuring your new appliance is ready to go and your old one won’t be an issue.