Microwaves with Grill

Level Up Your Quick Cooking With a Microwave and Grill


Microwaves are very useful for quickly heating, cooking and defrosting food. And whilst not known for their high-tech features in the past, microwaves are becoming more advanced, especially when a microwave comes with a grill.


There are a mixture of built-in and freestanding microwaves with grills available, meaning no matter which type of microwave you prefer, you can choose a combination to suit you.


A microwave with grill is typically larger than a standard microwave, which means you can easily fit a larger volume of food into your microwave, and can operate it as a more suitable alternative to a single electric oven.


There are a range of microwaves to choose from at NE Appliances, including combination microwave ovens and built-in microwaves. You can also discover a number of different brands when it comes to microwaves, such as Amica, Bosch and Miele.


Benefits of a Microwave with Grill


  • ✔ A grill and a microwave are available in one appliance.
  • ✔ A high-tech compact cooking device ideal for a small kitchen or kitchenette.
  • ✔ Handy alternative to a single electric oven.
  • ✔ A range of different cooking settings are available.
  • ✔ The metal rack can give you authentic grill lines.
  • ✔ It’s easy to clean.
  • ✔ You can cook food faster than with a hob or oven.


Great Value Microwaves with Grill at NE Appliances


When you shop at NE Appliances, there are a great number of choices available when shopping for microwaves with a grill, and you can get them for great value prices too. We’re confident you won’t find our microwaves or any other appliances available for cheaper elsewhere, which is why we have our Price Match Promise. So if you do happen to spot the same model microwave with grill available for cheaper elsewhere, then get in contact and we should be able to match that price.


The great value doesn’t stop there as free delivery is available when you order a new microwave. Depending where you are in the UK, there are a range of delivery and installation options for the appliances you buy. They include removal and recycling options that can free up your house of an old, unwanted appliance.


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