8kg - 9kg

Comprehensive Laundry Drying with an 8kg-9kg Tumble Dryer


Dry medium-sized laundry piles with ease with an 8kg-9kg tumble dryer. Smaller tumble dryers will dry about 4kg-6kg of laundry, whilst 8-9kg tumble dryers are suitable if you need a bit more space but don’t require the largest tumble dryers available.


An 8kg-9kg tumble dryer is recommended for couples and for families of up to four people, where you can easily find the space to dry your laundry load no matter whether it’s clothes, towels or bedding.


If you’re looking for a larger tumble dryer to tackle large family-sized loads, then you might be interested in a 10kg tumble dryer. There are many different types of tumble dryer to choose from at NE Appliances, including vented tumble dryers, condenser tumble dryers and heat pump dryers. You can even browse through our selection of integrated tumble dryers that can fit behind a kitchen cupboard door.


There are a selection of brands you can find when looking for 8kg-9kg tumble dryers at NE Appliances, including Hoover, Bosch, Neff and AEG.


The Benefits of 8kg-9kg Tumble Dryers


  • ✔ Large enough to tackle medium-sized loads
  • ✔ Ideal for a couple or small family
  • ✔ A range of drying setting are available
  • ✔ Sensor drying allows you appliance to know when your load is dry, stopping the cycle
  • ✔ Save on electricity with energy-efficient heat pump tumble dryers


Incredible Value 8kg-9kg Tumble Dryers at NE Appliances


If you’re shopping for 8kg-9kg tumble dryers at NE Appliances, then you’re sure to find a wide and varied selection of appliances available. And in addition to that, they’re available for great value prices too. However, if you do spot an appliance we stock available for cheaper elsewhere, get in contact and we should be able to match that price, subject to terms. It’s all part of our Price Match Promise.


The great value at NE Appliances doesn’t stop there, as free delivery is also available on your 8kg-9kg tumble dryer purchase. Depending on where you’re based in the UK, you can also have your new tumble dryer installed through our installation service, meaning it’s ready to go from the time of delivery. Your old appliance can also be disconnected, removed and recycled by us.


Klarna is available as a payment option at checkout, meaning you can buy your 8kg-9kg tumble dryer now and pay later. The two options available to you are paying later in 30 days’ time or breaking your order up into three equal payments.