Why Choose Hoover Appliances?

Whatever task you’re facing around the home, Hoover has the solution. A leading name in cleaning, cooking, and just about any household need, Hoover delivers on quality and performance every time.

A Century of Quality with Hoover

Hoover appliances have always been made with quality in mind and call on over 110 years of experience to create industry-leading solutions for the home. Founded in 1908, Hoover appliances started with what remains one of the most iconic of Hoover products, the vacuum cleaner. Of course, the brand has become so well-known that people refer to all vacuums as hoovers — so why settle for less? Choose Hoover appliances for reliable, durable hoovers, cookers, dishwashers and more.

Hoover for Floor Care


Experience the leading name in floor care with Hoover products. Bagged or bagless, corded or cordless, Hoover domestic appliances boast leading technology and have been made to suit every need and lifestyle. Hoover products redefine your standard vacuum experience with a huge variety of options including handheld, upright, cordless, and cylinder vacuums.

Hoover for Laundry and Washing


Hoover appliances are made to solve your everyday laundry needs. The new Hoover laundry range delivers maximum efficiency and top-level performance. Hoover products offer a modern new approach that places more importance on a large range of functions, durable materials, and outstanding load capacity. The result — domestic appliances that make your life easier and keep your belongings looking their best.

Hoover domestic appliances boast innovative features to ensure you get the best results with minimum effort - including speedy 30-minute cycles for busy lives.

Eco-Power Inverter Motor


Reducing vibrations and frictions to improve energy efficiency, this innovative motor guarantees maximum silence and excellent results for longer.



A unique, patented water reservoir built into the tumble dryer’s door, designed to make it easy to see when the water needs emptying and has a convenient handle making it easy to remove for emptying.

Wi-Fi Connectivity


Because why shouldn’t your Hoover domestic appliance be smart? You can connect your Hoover appliance to your Wi-Fi with the hOn app, Alexa, and Google Assist. Run diagnostic checks, receive notifications and troubleshooting guides, and control it from your phone – all via the hOn app.

Hoover Kitchen Appliances for Cooking Convenience

Hoover products are about more than vacuums and washing machines — Hoover kitchen appliances cover a wide range of functions, all crafted with innovation and expert knowledge for unbeatable performance. 

Hoover for Dishwashers


Hoover dishwashers perfectly blend style and technology, offering sleek designs that will complement any kitchen. Hoover appliances are made for convenience, so their dishwashers feature capacities from 12 to 16 place settings. Selected models also have Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can get a cycle running no matter where you are. The hOn app also lets you download additional programmes, operate your machine using your voice, or check the status of your appliance.

Hoover for refrigeration


Hoover’s kitchen appliances include a range of refrigerators that cater to every household. From undercounter to freestanding designs, food remains fresh in the most stylish of ways.

Total no-frost


This smart feature circulates multiple air flows evenly around the refrigerator and maintains a stable ambient temperature inside the fridge that prevents the formation of frost. It’s an innovative addition that lets you enjoy food staying fresher for longer.

Wi-Fi Connectivity


For a smart fridge, Hoover makes a clever choice. Control your Wi-Fi-enabled Hoover appliances using the hOn app. Wherever you are, you can adjust refrigerator temperatures, set Holiday mode or Super Freeze the fridge freezer right from your phone.

Hoover for Ovens


Elegant design and innovative technical solutions are offered by Hoover kitchen appliances, and ovens are at the forefront of this. Hoover products cover a range of ovens to suit every lifestyle. With large capacity ovens, digital touch controls, and intelligent cleaning systems, these stylish designs and thoughtful labour-saving features will work for any household.

Hoover for Hobs


With designs that seamlessly slot into modern and traditional kitchens, Hoover’s hobs are solidly built with practical features like easy access front or side controls, automatic ignition and more.

Hoover for Hoods


Hoover kitchen appliances don’t stop at the hob, and include high-performance cooker hoods for the best possible experience when cooking. High extraction rates, low noise levels, and brilliant LED work-surface illumination offer stylish, high-performance solutions.  All Hoover hoods can be either extracted or re-circulated.

Hoover for life

Explore our full range of Hoover appliances today for unrivalled quality for all your household needs.

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