Iceking Home Appliances

Founded in 1995, Iceking soon became known for their expertise in refrigeration, creating a popular line of energy-efficient fridges, fridge freezers and chest freezers. Ranging from large chest freezers to small table-top fridges, there are plenty of cooling solutions to suit your needs.

Two Years Protection

If you buy an Iceking product, you can rest assured with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee, meaning you’re covered in case anything goes wrong with your appliance.

Solutions for Small Spaces


Whilst having a large fridge freezer is great for storing a huge amount of food, sometimes a large fridge isn’t practical. Smaller appliances are perfect if size is at a premium, especially in small kitchen spaces, bedrooms, offices or entertainment rooms.

Table top icebox fridges and mini freezers are the smallest in the range, measuring at just over 50cm in height but still packing in plenty of room to keep everything cool.

And for something that slots perfectly under your kitchen worktop or bar, an undercounter fridge freezer features enough storage space for both chilled goods and frozen foods. If you want to maximise interior space whilst still having a freezer compartment, then a fridge freezer with an icebox inside is always a smart choice, and standalone undercounter fridges and freezers are ready for any occasion.

Fridges Perfect for Families


For when you need to cool and freeze a large amount of food and drink items, you can’t go wrong with an Iceking fridge freezer. Whether it’s feeding a family or having enough food for your dinner party, there’s plenty of space to store all of that and more in a tall fridge freezer.


You can go 50/50 with the compartments, or have it at a 70/30 split if you need to store more fresh food than frozen. Reversible doors allow you to change the direction of opening to suit your kitchen space, and automatic defrost prevents any ice buildup in your fridge compartment.


Coming in either white or sharp silver, they keep it classic with their style. And if you want to keep your appliance hidden away, you can choose an integrated model so that your fridge freezer looks just like any other kitchen cupboard and slots in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.

Say It With Your Chest


The ultimate option for storing a large amount of goods, Iceking chest freezers are known for being some of the best around. With a giant 560 litres of space, they’re suitable for large families and even industrial storage if you run a catering service. It’s also outbuilding safe too, meaning it can still function in temperatures of -12°C. The wire baskets allow you to divide the food up and take it out of the freezer easily.


Tall freezers are a great alternative if floor space is limited and headroom is plentiful, and it saves you having to bend down to pick up any items too. They even feature multiple storage drawers, allowing you to sort and store your food in an organised manner, making everything easier to find.

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