Quooker Taps

Quooker taps bring new levels of convenience to your kitchen. Easy to install, safe to use, and a sleek addition to any kitchen, Quooker stainless steel taps deliver on quality and unbeatable functionality for those who want their kitchens to do more. 

A bit about Quooker

Quooker started in 1970, founded by Henri Peteri who was part of the development team behind instant soup. Driven to create these same levels of convenience in all aspects of customers’ lives, Henri devoted the next 20 years to creating an instant hot water tap which entered the commercial market in the Netherlands in the 1990s. It was an industry-changing innovation that the world was clearly in need of, and over a million Quooker taps are used across the UK and Europe today.

Why Quooker kitchen taps?


A Quooker tap means you can enjoy 100°C boiling water on demand, as well as hot and cold water. The average person spends months of their life waiting for the kettle to boil. Quooker aims to change that, giving you back time to enjoy the important things in life.


Quooker taps can be used for an endless amount of tasks, from cooking and food prep, to cleaning and sterilizing. It’s the single tap that does it all, offering new levels of convenience, time-saving, and innovative efficiency around the home. Plus, they’re fantastically stylish, too.

How do Quooker taps work?


Quooker taps work thanks to powerful, energy-efficient tanks that are compact and unobtrusively installed beneath your sink. Tanks come in three sizes: PRO3 which provides 3 litres of boiling water, PRO7 which provides 7 litres, and the COMBI which instantly provides 7 litres of boiling water and 27 liters of 40 degree hot water, all from a cold feed. The PRO3 reheats in as little as 10 minutes, while the PRO7 and COMBI take just 20 minutes to reheat once their 7 litres are depleted. The COMBI is also recommended for combatting low water-pressure areas, or for those who want to install twin Quooker taps.

Are Quooker kitchen taps safe?


Yes! Quooker taps are designed with safety in mind, and it’s impossible to accidentally turn on the boiling water. The boiling water function requires a double-push and runs on a different mechanism to the regular hot and cold water. Spouts are double-insulated so they never become dangerously hot to touch unlike kettles. And, unlike a kettle or pan, you can’t accidentally knock over a Quooker tap, so they’re the perfect safe solution to keeping wandering little hands or curious pets safe.

Quooker and energy efficiency


Having boiling water on demand 24/7 may seem energy-intensive, but Quookers may actually help your household be more energy efficient. Quooker taps provide only as much water as you need, so there’s no risk of over-boiling the kettle or a pan of water. As you also don’t need to wait around for your water, the risk of abandoning a boiling kettle, forgetting about it, and having to boil the water all over again, is also eliminated. Quooker COMBI tanks also uses 50% less energy than a regular household boiler, and if you also install a CUBE you can do away with having to purchase bottled water, cutting down on plastic waste.

Quooker style


Quooker taps perfectly combine style and function. Available in a range of sleek finishes, choose from Quooker stainless steel taps, polished chrome, nickel, contemporary black or add a bit of opulence with patinated brass or gold. Quooker technology is available in a range of tap shapes and sizes, including modern square shapes, traditional curved taps, and convenient twin taps.

Additional Quooker appliances for your tap

As if the standard Quooker was not enough, you can also enjoy a touch of indulgence, even in your tap water. The addition of Quooker CUBE means you can add instant sparkling and chilled, filtered water to your kitchen tap. CUBE is easily installed, with simple-to-change CO₂ cylinders that add sparkle to your water. Each cylinder delivers 60 litres of sparkling water.


Other additional parts you can add to your Quooker appliances include a Scale Control filter which helps reduce water hardness and extend the lifespan of your Quooker tap. The Powerswitch is ideal for those who add a CUBE to their tap, as it allows the CUBE and tank to be connected to another kitchen appliance to prevent overloaded circuits.

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