American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

What size?

American fridge freezers are wider than standard fridge freezers so it’s worth considering how much space you have available in your kitchen. Most American fridge freezers will range between 85cm to 95cm but there are narrower and wider options available too.

What door configuration?

Side by Side are the most common type of American fridge freezer with two doors offering full height access to both fridge and freezer


Three-door set up fridge freezers have a double door to the fridge section and a freezer drawer at the bottom. This set up can be good if you use your fridge more than freezer or if you need to freeze on trays and therefore need a wider freezer space.


Four-door American fridge freezers have double doors on both the fridge and freezer offering easy access to every section of your appliance.

Other considerations and features


American fridge freezers already offer a much larger capacity than a standard fridge freezer, with a standard capacity of 500 litres but if you need even more space a 700 litre option will hold up to 40 bags of shopping.


Twin Cooling

Twin cooling uses separate cooling systems for the fridge and freezer which means the food in each section lasts longer, this is because air in the freezer needs to be dry while the air in the fridge needs to be slightly moist. It also means that smells from one section won’t transfer to the other.


Water and ice dispensers

A popular feature in American fridge freezers are water and ice dispensers, perfect for quick access to chilled water and ice for fresh drinks. Some dispensers will connect directly to your water supply while others will come with tanks which need refilling once in a while.


Door-in-door storage

Some models of American fridge freezer come with door-in-door storage meaning that you can access your most used food and drink without losing cold air from the main fridge area.


Glass viewing panels

Glass viewing panels allow you to see what is inside your fridge without opening the fridge and letting out the cold air. 


Built-in camera

Another handy option with many American fridge freezers is a built-in camera inside the fridge, this allows you to look in your fridge from your smart phone from anywhere so if you are in the shop and can’t remember if you need milk, you can check.


Convertible zones

American fridge freezers often come with a handy convertible zone which can be switched from fridge temperature to freezer at the press of a button. This means that if you buy more frozen than fresh one week, or vice versa, you can always be sure you will have enough space to keep everything fresh. 


Touchscreen & LED displays

Many modern fridge freezers come with touchscreens to allow you to control settings without opening the fridge as well as additional features such as notes and even music.


Are there any built-in American fridge freezers?

Due to the large size of American fridge freezers they are typically freestanding


Do American fridge freezers have a larger depth than a standard fridge freezer?

Yes American fridge freezers are usually 10cm – 15cm deeper.


What is frost free and Total No Frost?

Both frost free and total no frost make sure ice doesn’t build up in your freezer so you don’t have to defrost it.