Microwave Buying Guide

Freestanding or Built-in?


A freestanding microwave is great if you need a little flexibility to move around or if you want to be able to take it with you when you move house.



If you have a built-in kitchen and want a sleek finish then a built-in microwave is the perfect option.


Standard/Solo Microwaves

If you just want to heat and re-heat food and drinks then a standard microwave will be great, these are the microwaves that you would most often expect to see in a home.


Microwave with grill

If you want a little more from your microwave then a microwave with grill may be a good option. They have all the functionality of a standard microwave plus the ability to grill foods.


Combination/Convection Microwaves 

If you need your microwave to do as much as possible then a combination model is for you. These models can do everything you would expect from a microwave plus with special hot air convection technology they can also be used for baking.


15 to 20 litres 

Standard capacity, comfortably do the basics for a 2-4 person household.


21 to 30 litres

Larger than standard capacity, good for reheating larger meals, perfect for a 2-4 person household.


25 to 30 litres

Large capacity for re-heating meals or several drinks, perfect for a home of up to 6 people.


32 litres +

The largest capacity, if you need to serve a big family this capacity will do it all.

Key Features


Microwave power is measured in Watts. Most microwaves will have a wattage of 800W to 1100W though some start at 750W. The higher the wattage the faster the microwave will cook your food. 


Easy-clean linings 

Microwaves with easy-clean linings, as the name suggests, make cleaning easier. Some come with catalytic or pyrolytic linings which are self-cleaning so you only have to do the occasional wipe. 


Sensor Cooking 

Sensor cooking is great if you are not sure how long your food needs in the microwave, special sensors detect how much moisture is in your food and adjusts the power level and cooking time to give the perfect heating to your food. 



If you need to get something defrosted quickly then this handy setting is here to help. Some microwaves even let you enter the weight and food category so it uses the perfect programme for your food. 


Pre-set Programmes 

Pre-set programmes take the guess work out of heating your food. Select the programme for certain popular foods and it will give the perfect timing for the item so you know it will be perfectly heated.