Oven Buying Guide

Which Type?

Single and compact ovens


Single built in ovens come at a standard size of 60cm x 60cm, they usually have a 64 litre capacity but can go up to 115 litres. Most standard single ovens will come with a conventional oven, fan oven and grill function included while some more premium models may also include tailored cooking modes and pyrolytic cleaning. 


Compact ovens are usually around 45cm high and ideal for a smaller kitchen.  

Double ovens


Double ovens are perfect for if you need a little more space for those big family dinners, with two cavities for maximum productivity. The main ovens are usually around 50 litres while the secondary ovens are usually around 30 litres, they can be built in at eye level or built-under the worktop. 

Conventional or Fan?

Conventional ovens work by using top and bottom heating elements that create hot spots, this is ideal for baking and slow roasting but may be less effective when cooking multiple dishes at once.


Fan Ovens work in a similar way but they use a fan to disperse the heat evenly around the cavity. Many modern ovens are multifunctional with both conventional and fan options as well as grilling and fan grilling. 

Key Features


Most multifunction ovens will come with a grill as well, A standard grill cooks at one temperature and is perfect for browning off the top of a dish while a carriable grill will let you set the temperature for more control on your grilling. 


Pyrolytic Cleaning 

Pyrolitic cleaning function works by bringing the temperature in the oven up to around 500°c which burns away grease and food residue, leaving a pile of ash at the bottom of the oven which is easy to wipe out, meaning you never have to scrub your oven. 


Temperature Probe 

Some ovens come with a built-in temperature probe which you can put into your meat to ensure it is perfectly cooked at the correct temperature.  


Smart Tech 

Many ovens now come with smart tech installed, meaning you can control your oven from your mobile device. Meaning you can turn your oven on or off from your mobile and some even have a camera so you can keep an eye on your foods progress without having to open the door or even leave the sofa. 



Steam ovens are becoming ever more popular, steam cooking is great for keeping moisture in your food so its great for keeping meat succulent and retaining nutrients in your veg, the steam function is also great for reheating food without drying it out. Steam functions can also be used to naturally clean your oven.