Washing Buying Guides

Freestanding or Integrated?

Freestanding washing machines are ideal if you have a little more room like a dedicated utility room. They often come in larger drum sizes. They’re also good if you are likely to move house as you can take them with you.  


Integrated washing machines are a great choice if you have to have your machine in the kitchen and want a clean look as they are tucked away behind your cabinetry.

What Drum Size?

Drum sizes vary from a compact 6kg to a generous 10kg +. A 6 kg drum will hold around 5 pairs of trousers and T-shirts, while a 10kg will hold double that. The width and height of washing machines are standard but the depth of the machine will vary based on the drum size.

Key Features

Energy Rating 

The energy rating of your machine tells you how energy efficient your appliance will be. The ratings range from A – G, the closer to A the better the energy efficiency so you can save money on your bills and have a more sustainable appliance. 


Spin Speed 

The spin speed tells you how many times per minute your drum will spin. The faster the speed the more moisture the machine will remove from your clothes after washing so your clothes will dry more quickly.  


Fuzzy logic 

Fuzzy logic is a clever feature on your machine which uses sensors to work our the weight of your wash load and adjust the settings accordingly for the most efficient wash. 


Quick Wash 

The quick wash setting can vary between 30 and 15 minutes depending on the machine but this setting is great for when you have some last minute laundry to do. 


Quiet motor 

If you have an open plan kitchen or a utility room with a wall adjoining a bedroom or living room you may want to look out for models with a quiet mark, these machines use brushless motors which means they run much more quietly than standard machines. 


Smart tech 

Smart washing machines link up to your smartphone or tablet via wifi so that you can control your appliance from an app. This means you can start a load, adjust settings or check the progress of a programme from your phone.   



Like smart tech, autodosing is another feature which helps make your laundry easier. It calculates the correct amount of detergent based on the size of your wash load and automatically releases that amount so you don’t waste any detergent and get the best results every time.  



Some machines come with a steam function to help make your laundry cleaner and quicker to put away. Steam will kill bacteria and also help reduce creases so you don’t have to do as much ironing.

How to make sure you leave the right space?

Most washing machines come in a standard height and width with the main variation being in the depth. It is also important to add 7cm to the depth of your appliance as you will need this space for the piping.