5 Appliance features for stress free entertaining

5 Appliance features for stress free entertaining

Whether it’s Christmas Dinner, Sunday Lunch or a Birthday dinner, entertaining at home can be stressful, from getting the food ready to cleaning up afterward there is lots to think about. The good news is that nowadays there are a whole host of features available on our appliances to make life easier in the entertaining season. Take a look at our pick of top 5 features to look out for when shopping for appliances which take the stress out of entertaining.

Hot Air Convection

Take the stress out of making multiple dishes with hot air convection technology. This is a function which keeps temperature consistent across the whole oven so you can cook on every shelf with even cooking on every level. Different brands have different versions of this like Bosch’s 3D Hot Air or Neff’s Circotherm technology but whichever you choose it will help you get everything on the table at the same time.


Pyrolytic Cleaning

Cleaning has got to be the worst part of any dinner party but with pyrolytic cleaning you can avoid ever having to clean the oven again. Pyrolytic cleaning works by bringing the temperature in the oven up to around 500°c burning off any left over dirt and grease from inside the oven and leaving it as a pile of ash at the bottom of the oven which is easy to wipe out.

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Flexible fridge/freezer zones

When it comes to shopping for a dinner party the fridge and freezer can become a game of Tetris, but with flexible zones you can switch parts of your freezer into fridge space and back again, giving you more fridge space without having to get a larger or second appliance.


Boiling water taps

When you need to have the potatoes and brussels sprouts cooking as well as getting the gravy ready it can feel like filling up the kettle is a chore all of its own. You may not instantly think of a tap as an appliance but with steaming and boiling water taps your tap can be one of your favourite appliances. With boiling water taps you can get boiling water instantly whether its for getting boiling water for your pans or just for the tea round.

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Smart dishwashers

Have you ever gotten into bed and realized you haven’t turned on the dishwasher? With smart dishwashers you can turn it on from your phone and some models will even choose the best program for you so you don’t need to waste time deciding which setting to choose. Smart dishwashers will also notify you when the load is done so you can keep on top of the washing up.

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Appliances have come a long way in the last few years and technology is only getting better, so why not take advantage of some of the clever features available for making life easier.




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