Best kitchen appliances features to look out for in 2022

Best kitchen appliances features to look out for in 2022

Shopping for kitchen appliances can feel overwhelming, with so many different appliances online it’s easy to get confused as to what kind of features you need. We’ve gathered some of our favourite features to help you with all the day-to-day needs in your kitchen, from oven cleaning to healthy eating your kitchen appliances can help make your life easier.


Steam Ovens

One of the rising trends of the last year have been steam ovens. These clever kitchen appliances give all the functionality you are used to with your standard electric ovens with the added benefit of steam cooking. Steam functions on your oven have a multitude of benefits. Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways to cook vegetables, locking in flavour and nutrients while also using no fats. Steam can also be used for oven cleaning with the steam melting away food residue so all you have to do is wipe off the moisture. Many steam ovens also offer varying functions with steam such as a combined convection and steam function perfect for keeping meat moist or getting the perfect crust on a loaf of bread. An added benefit of steam functionality in your oven is that it is perfect for reheating food as the steam ensures your food doesn’t dry out while reheating.

Steam functionality is one of the most useful features to look out for whether it’s for steaming vegetables for healthy eating, easy oven cleaning, reheating or baking.

Flexible and dedicated fridge sections

If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint or your food bill then reducing food waste by keeping your food fresh for as long as possible is one great way to do both. Modern fridge freezers often have flexible or dedicated sections which keep specific foods in the best environment to keep them at their best for longer. This may be in the form of a special salad crisper or meat minder drawer in standard fridge freezers, or in higher end fridge freezers you may have programmable sections which can be adjusted depending on what you want to store in them.

Whether it’s to save money or reduce your carbon footprint, flexible and dedicated fridge sections in your fridge freezer will help you to reduce food waste in your kitchen.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

Another great function if oven cleaning is your least favourite job in the kitchen. When it comes to cleaning kitchen appliances it doesn’t get much better than pyrolytic ovens. These ovens heat up to around 500°c which burns off any fat and residue in the oven, leaving a pile of ash which you just wipe out, leaving a perfectly clean oven without any scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

Pyrolytic cleaning has been a favourite of home cooks and for good reason, put those rubber gloves away, you’ll never need to scrub your oven again.

Smart Connectivity

Whether it’s your oven, microwave, fridge or dishwasher smart connectivity is now available on a whole range of home appliances. These high-tech electrical appliances use Bluetooth and wifi technology to connect to your phone so you can take care of a whole range of functions without having to leave the sofa. Connect to your smart appliances app and you can set a timer, pre-heat your oven, check what’s in your fridge freezer or turn on your dishwasher without stepping foot in the kitchen. Many smart appliances will also help you make the most of your appliance features by asking questions about what you are cleaning or cooking it will then suggest which programme is best for your needs.

Smart appliances are becoming more and more popular with good reason, these high-tech appliances can help make your kitchen work harder without you having to lift a finger.

Air Dry Technology Dishwashers

Dishwashers already make cleaning up after cooking a breeze but now they can even ensure a perfect dry with air dry technology. Air dry technology uses a simple idea of opening the door at a strategic time to allow the condensation to escape and give a perfect dry to your dishes. This clever feature also reduces energy usage as it reduces the need for fans or heating to dry your dishes.

If you want to get the most out of your dishwasher then air-dry technology is the perfect feature for getting your dishes clean, dry and back in the cupboard as efficiently as possible.

If you want to find out more about what features are available on your home appliances take a look at our buying guides where we tell you everything you need to know about all your essential kitchen and laundry appliances. Or if you are based in the South West visit our Bristol appliance showroom where we have the largest displays of built in appliances, range cooking and refrigeration in the South West plus our expert sales advisors will be able to help you find the best home appliances for your needs.

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